A Brief View on Importance and Benefits of Agile Service Management

Implementation of the Agile mindset to service management is called Agile service management. As the term Agile means to be more speedy and dynamic, Agile service management also demands an organization to be more agile in its service management. It is a natural outcome of ‘The Agile Manifesto,’ presented in 2000. It is commonly taken as a methodology of software development. 

In this article, we briefly discuss the benefits and importance of Agile service management for an organization in its daily business. To increase the readability of the article, we will discuss them solely. That’s why before going to the benefits, firstly, we discuss why Agile service management is so important for organizations.

Importance Of Agile Service Management

Importance Of Agile Service Management

An agile mindset becomes more important for companies to encounter the changing nature of market requirements. According to The Capterra, 71% of organizations use an Agile mindset somewhere in their daily business. These figures show us the improving importance of Agile service management. It causes various benefits to organizations.

It is very helpful for them to tackle the challenges they face in their daily routine. They have to be more agile to compete with their rivals in a better way. It would be best if we tell the importance of Agile service management in the sense of four basic principles of the Agile mindset. Through this methodology, you can better learn why it is so important. The following are the reasons why Agile service management is very important for organizations.

Desire To Transform To Digitalization

Organizations have a long-rending desire to transform themselves into digitalization. It is because digitalization could make them market leaders. Agile service management is important in this regard. It ensures a smooth and more meaningful transformation to digitalization.

Desire To Sustainable Development

Agile service management ensures sustainable development that’s why it is more important for organizations. It is because it offers complete guidance by which organizations move forward to development which could be more sustainable if implemented in an agile way.

Desire To Satisfy Customers And Employees

Organizations dreamed of watching their customers and employees become more satisfied with them. Agile service management can make this dream accurate through its rapid processes. Moreover, simple service operations, according to an agile mindset, are more joyful for both customers and employees.

Benefits Of Agile Service Management

Benefits Of Agile Service Management

There are various benefits of agile service management. Due to these benefits, its importance is growing day by day. In today’s digital and dynamic era, it has become an essential need of companies. Following are some benefits of agile service management.

Rapid Processes

Agile service management offers organizations more rapid processes. It is because of its simple guiding principles. Unlike ITIL, it has not had so many unnecessary requirements and steps to initiate a process. Reflecting on its name, Agile service management believes in more speedy initiatives. So, rapid response is a benefit of agile service management.


Flexibility is another benefit of agile service management. An organization could be more flexible in its actions and operations through agile service management. ITIL provides step-by-step predefined descriptions of processes. There is no option to change the plan when you start a process. The only way is to stop the process and start it from the beginning. Meanwhile, an agile mindset gives room to change the plan. In agile service management, your team can transform the plan according to the scenario of that time.

Simple Service And Operations

Agile mindset demands organizations to make their service and operation simple if they want to be agile. Simple service and operations cause more satisfaction to customers and employees. That’s why it is another benefit of agile service management.

Easy To Tackle Non-Standard Changes

Another benefit of agile service management is that it makes it easy to tackle non-standard and unpredictable changes. It is because, for standard changes, all things are fixed, and results are predictable. ITIL could work well for that kind of change, but for non-standard changes, Agile service management could work better. Non-standard changes have unpredictable results. No one can say what will happen in the next step. For that kind of change, ITIL-like rigid systems are not better options. Agile service management could tackle these types of unpredictable changes more easily.


benefits and importance of agile service management

After a brief view of the benefits and importance of agile service management, we concluded that agile might be the most important and beneficial methodology in the future. It also has importance and benefits now, but according to the current scenario, it seems that its benefits and importance will be doubled in a short time. It is because of its fast, simple and reliable approach. 

It is not in direct competition with ITIL, but it can beat them in competition. It is useful for small and large-sized businesses, but it would be better for large organizations to use a combination of ITIL and Agile. Many software like TIKTING are designed with a mixture of ITIL and Agile in mind. This flexible approach is the modern approach to ITSM in rapidly changing times.