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News & Exhibitions

GOTO Copenhagen 2022

Join us with other developers who are gathering to meet on October 3, 2022 at GOGO Copenhagen 2022 developer conference.

ICMES 2022

Meet us at the International Conference on Management, Economics & Social Science in DOHA (Qatar) on 10-11 May 2022 at Mercure Grand Hotel Doha City Center.

V5.0 is Launched

Tikting v5.0 is launched. It is the first major release in 2022. TIKTING is now equipped with a state of the art knowledge base.

TIKTING Features

AI Ticket Assignment

Automatic Ticket Creation and Assignment provides an automatic and fast paced working environment. It is designed to balance the load on technicians as well as identify the next available person.

Change Management

Streamlines and documents the approval process for all changes within an organization and helps to plan and execute any critical activity. Customizability provides a number of options for the workflow.

Custom Service Level Agreements

Priorities and Levels are used to create customized SLAs for different types of tickets. Time constrained SLAs help the team to identify urgent and normal priority tickets.

Ticket History

A detailed log provides a complete forensic report for any ticket to investigate the ticket handling response and helps for evaluation and to avoid any blaming environment within teams.

Merge Tickets & Incident Management

Multiple Tickets can be merged into one and Incident Management helps the IT Operations teams to mark and respond to an unplanned event.

Collaborative Working

A ticket can be split into multiple tasks that can be assigned to other team members for an effective collaboration.

Active Directory Integration

Securely connects with your local Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Azure Active Directory or LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) to seamlessly integrate the users and manage their roles.

Schedule Custom Reports

Custom Reports are scheduled for periodic emails to get the complete overview of the team performance.

Local & Cloud Deployment

Make use of your local infrastructure, publish it on a public cloud or get an instance on our cloud. TIKTING provides flexible options for data retention as per the ITIL compliance.

Knowledge Base & Chat

State of the art Knowledge Base provides instant results for the existing solutions and voting mechanism helps to manage multiple answers to a single query. Chat for internal team understanding.

Backup & Archiving

It supports scheduling customizable periodic archiving for optimum performance and the database access permits to take ITIL compliant database backups.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps provide a fluid experience and ease of access. iOS and Android apps provide on the go updates to keep the team connected anywhere anytime.

TIKTING for iOS and Android

On the go updates, connected anywhere anytime.